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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my account number change?

No. Your member number/account number will remain the same after the upgrade.

Will I be able to use online banking during the upgrade weekend?

Online and mobile banking will not be functioning during the upgrade, as we are making a number of exciting new changes that will make your online and mobile experience a better, faster one. However, you will be able to access your accounts using your debit card, credit card, personal checks and our ATMs. During this period, your debit cards will function properly for normal day-to-day transactions (i.e. grocery shopping, dinner, movie tickets, etc.).   Please plan ahead for major purchases as some transactions may not be allowed during this time.

What will your branch hours be during Upgrade Weekend?

Our branches and drive-thrus will be closed from 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 16 until Tuesday, Feb. 20. Please prepare ahead of time for this closure. You will still have access to your accounts using your debit card, credit card, personal checks and our ATMs.

What if I need to call someone about my account?

After the upgrade we will offer extended phone service hours to answer your upgrade-related questions.

Where do I go to register for BVSCU’s Online Banking?

After the upgrade is complete, visit bvscu.org and click on “Not Enrolled? Enroll Today!” near the top right corner of the home page. You’ll be directed to the Online Banking screen, where you will click on the “Register” button. If you need assistance, you can view our slideshow tutorial to help with first-time log on or registering.

What browser should I use with Online Banking?

BVSCU’s Online Banking supports the latest two versions of the most popular browsers. In some cases, support will be extended to older versions. Online Banking supports browser versions on the Apple and Windows desktop systems as well as Apple IOS and Android mobile systems.

          • Desktop: Latest 2 versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. IE9, IE10, IE11.
          • Tablet / Mobile Browsers: IOS6 and above. Native browser and Chrome browser for Android versions 2.3.x and above.

Registration and Login

Why do I see security questions when I log in?

You are presented with security questions the first time you log in, when you log in using a different device or when you incorrectly enter your username.

What if I forget my password after registering?

You can click on “Forgot Password?” and follow the easy instructions to reset your password.

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Will I be able to see all the accounts on which I’m a joint member?

Yes!  A new enhancement to online banking is that every person on the account will now have his or her own login.  Joint members will set up their own login information by clicking the "Register" button and following the steps to create their own login information.

What are some options with BVSCU's Online Banking?

One of the best features of Online Banking is the ability to customize it to fit your needs! You can choose background themes, select which accounts you want to see online, set alerts, receive notifications and more!

          • Accounts- Allows users to review balance information and transaction history on all account they are associated with.
          • Alerts(Notifications) - Configurable alerts and notifications will allow members to be more aware of what’s happening with their accounts. Users will be able to choose to receive/not receive the following notifications via email or text messaging: weekly balance summary, a balance exceeded or went below a certain threshold, a transaction over a specified amount, exceeded spending for a specific category, exceeded spending for a specific budget, goal completed, goal off schedule, transfer success, transfer failure, and more!
          • Budgeting- The Budgeting features will allow users to setup different budgets, associate budgets with different accounts, categorize transactions, and track spending.
          • Dashboard- The Dashboard is a personalized landing page that shows account balance information, future transactions, past transactions, financial education, Credit Union news, featured themes, featured widgets, and more.
          • Draft Services- This will allow users to search for cleared check images, reorder checks, and request stop payment on a check.
          • End User Site Settings- Allows users to make changes to their profile, add features, and adjust their Internet Banking experience.
          • Financial Tips, Education and Access to Relevant News Articles - This new system will allow BVSCU to provide educational content based on your individual interests!
          • Message Center- The Message Center will allow users to communicate securely with Member Service Representatives from BVSCU.
          • Savings Goals- Online Banking users can set up savings goals and dictate how funds will be allocated to those goals!
          • Transferring Funds- Whether it is moving between a member’s personal accounts or to family and friends, transferring funds and making loan payments will be super easy!

I had multiple Online Banking logins. What do I do now?

Members will now be able to see all the accounts on which they’re listed under one login. Members who have had multiple account logins may have to try more than one login to find the one that works.

Balance Peek

Will Balance Peek work on my laptop or tablet?

No, Balance Peek is only available for smartphones and wearable devices.

What mobile devices are compatible with Balance Peek?

Mobile devices must be capable of running at least iOS 9 or higher or Android version 4.4 or higher in order to guarantee compatibility with Balance Peek.

What wearable devices are compatible with Balance Peek?

The Apple® Watch (running watchOS 2 or higher) is compatible with Balance Peek. Official Android Wear devices (running Android Wear OS 1 or higher) are also compatible with Balance Peek. A list of official Android Wear devices can be found here.

How many accounts can I see in Balance Peek?

You can set up to five accounts to be viewable in Balance Peek.

If more than one member sets up Balance Peek for their accounts on the same device, which accounts will be displayed in Balance Peek?

Balance peek will show the selected accounts for the member who most recently logged in to the BVSCU App.

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Can I schedule transfers to be made at a later date?

Yes, there is a scheduling feature available.

Is there a fee associated with Transfers?

No, you will not receive any fees for any internal or external transfers.

I want to make sure my scheduled transfers are scheduled the way I want them. Is there any way I can validate?

After you have scheduled your transfers, click on the “Scheduled” tab. You will be presented with a view of a current month calendar and the next two months. The orange colored dots denote days on which at least one transfer will be executed. Selecting the colored dates will automatically highlight the scheduled transfer entries below.

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Is Mobile Banking available?

Yes! BVSCU members will be able to download Mobile Banking Apps for both Android and iOS on February 20, 2018.  Users will need to uninstall the previous app prior to downloading the new one.

Mobile Banking offers many feature and functions! Convenient features include

          • Account Balances
          • Account Transfers (Deposits & Loans)
          • Remote Deposit
          • View Budgets

Does BVSCU offer Mobile Deposit?

Yes, with BVSCU’s free mobile app, you will have the ability to make deposits using your cell phone! With this feature, you can take a picture of a check and automatically deposit it into your specified account right from your Apple or Android phone.

The daily limit on mobile deposits is $3,000. There is no limit to how many checks can be deposited each day. To qualify, members must have a BVSCU checking account and fewer than six (6) non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees within the past 12 months.

BVSCU’s Remote Deposit Capture daily cutoff for same day processing is 2:00pm. Funds deposited after 2:00 pm (or on a non-business day) will be available the following business day. 

Does BVSCU offer phone banking?

Yes, you can also take care of your credit union business by touch-tone telephone, 24 hours a day. Hear balance information, verify deposits and cleared checks, and perform transfers and loan payments. Best of all, it’s FREE! Call 281.391.7557. 

More Information

For more information please call 281-391-2149 or 1-855-391-2149

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